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Dave Coyner: Owner

Dave has had over 25 years experience as an asphalt contractor and is ready to help you with your next asphalt or paving project. Give Dave a call on his cell: 801-420-4718 or email him at:

Penny Coyner: Owner

Penny is Passionate about Life! She brings years of Management experience to our Business, and the much needed womanly touch. She will be of assistance as needed, so feel free to contact her at 801-491-3900. She might be busy with her full time job as Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 16 along with Living Life to the Fullest, so leave her a message and she will get back with you.

Penny Hobble Creek Asphalt
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Randy Stevens: Operation Manager

Randy will take care of all of your scheduling needs. As you can see he can Multi-Task well. Randy brings over 25 years of Management Experience to our Company. Randy is Dependable, Honest and is Easy Going by nature. Randy can be reached at: 801-491-3900 or by email at: randy@qualityasphaltservices.com


Our Crew: These are the folks that keep us going! Thanks Guys!


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